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For a world that is kinder, healthier and wiser.

Denise and her dog

Founded in Encinitas, California in 2005, now based in Carlsbad, California, Pupologie is a small business with a BIG mission to disrupt the pet food status quo.

Traditional pet foods use ingredients that contribute to allergies, obesity, itchy skin, ear infections, digestive issues, and beyond. Furthermore, the companies that manufacture these diets are some of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis.

We are passionately bringing forward diets that improve pet lives made by companies that care about ethics, regenerative sourcing, transparency, farm animal welfare, climate and social justice.

Brand Standards

Our Brand Standards

What makes our brand selection different than that of typical pet supply retailers? Well, simply put, EVERYTHING! Pupologie exists to completely turn commercial pet food on its head. For about a century, the making of commercial pet food has been dominated by behemoth conglomerates seeking to increase their profits at the cost of animals’ health and vitality.

These conglomerates, with their global reach and enterprises across multiple industries, have influenced everything about pet culture, while keeping the truth about their manufacturing practices and quality of their ingredients hidden away.

Pet families are unwittingly tricked into buying “foods” and “treats” for their beloved pets that actually contain toxic and harmful ingredients.

Brand Standards
a dog with a blue toothbrush it its mouth
a dog with a blue toothbrush it its mouth

You will never see on our shelves:

Brands owned or connected to mass conglomerate corporations
Brands that make pet diets using low-grade, nutrition-lacking ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, or by-products
Brands that use carcinogenic preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA
Brands that use artificial flavors, colors or enhancers
Brands made in the same facilities and kitchens as any brands that do not meet our standards
two guinea pigs eating carrots

What is on our shelves

Pet food made using real, whole ingredients
Brands that are made in micro and small batches
Brands that use non-factory farmed meats
Brands that give you access to their sourcing information
Brands made in human grade facilities
Brands that source non-gmo, organic, certified humane, GAP rated, and small farm ingredients
two guinea pigs eating carrots

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Hello, I’m Denise Clifton.

I am a San Diego born and based conscious-living educator, mentor, and advocate for self-authority. I am a wife and mother to one dog, three cats, and the holistic pet market Pupologie.

I believe in the Divine and synchronicity. That we are all here for a reason. That science and spirituality make beautiful music together. That our animal companions exist to remind us that LOVE is our quintessential nature.

I dedicate my life to honoring our sacred animal companions, through human awakening and empowerment.

I am here to empower and guide people onto a path of self-trust and gaining confidence in their own inner knowing, NO MATTER the circumstance.



On my mother’s side, I come from a long lineage of healers, and on my father’s side a long line of dedicated, working-class American dreamers as well as artists and musicians.I have had a strong connection to animals, nature, and my intuition my entire life. In my early childhood, I received quite a bit of fussing over from my parents. You see, I was a “miracle” baby, unexpectedly conceived after my mother survived a previous complication and loss of a pregnancy. Add to that, my father passed onto me a hereditary condition that affects my heart, eyes, and connective tissue. Complications from this very condition claimed my uncle when he was just 32 years of age the same year that I was born.

My parents’ heightened concern for my well-being drove them to instill in me the importance of listening to my body and not pushing myself too hard or to go along with “everyone else” if it didn’t feel good to me.

This unique set of circumstances helped to pave the way for me to cultivate a very strong sense of self-agency and trust of my own inner voice.

Denise Clifton dressed in black, sitting cross legged with a chihuahua on her lap



In 2003, I took an unassuming position at a small local pet store chain. I was 23 and at a place in my life where I was truly seeking to find my calling. When I took the position, I honestly thought it was just going to be a fun detour while I looked into “real careers”.

Upon my second day of training, I was shown the dark side of the pet industry and I had a full body, sound-the-alarms reaction to the discovery of the heinous commonplace practices that are happening within the pet food industry. I was shaken to my bones and knew without a shadow of doubt that I was exactly where I was meant to be. These horrendous activities were happening right under our noses as consumers and more importantly as pet parents that believe we are doing right by our pets when we purchase these brands. I NEEDED to do something about it.

Two years later, I created Pupologie, an alternative and holistic pet food market. This has been a home for me to reach and enlighten pet parents about the harm and injustices that are shortening the lives of our beloved pets. It has also served as a place for me to cultivate a business model that truly aligns with my life’s purpose.

Through Pupologie, I have personally supported tens of thousands of pet families, mentored hundreds of team members, and have collaborated with like-hearted peers to empower people across the globe. In the realm of personal development, women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, I have co-developed immersive workshops, taught classes, and held space for thousands of fellow heart-led individuals seeking to up-level their circumstances.

This path of following my inner knowing and seeking to understand the world around me, has made me an entrepreneur, a leader of a company, a counselor, a facilitator, an event coordinator, a writer, a teacher, a public figure, a partner, a social media marketer, an activist.