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Behind The Brand: Farmina Pet Food

by Behind the Brand

There is a special kind of magic that happens inside the four walls of our store. As champions of truth and advocates for pet parents everywhere, it is our mission to make ethical and nourishing pet foods accessible to your pets. When we find pet food companies that meet our ideologies, we spend a good deal of time learning about the company, how they got started, what are their philosophies, and what kind of impact are they making with their business. 

That special spark of magic does not happen with just any premium brand. There is a nuance and a level of true alignment that needs to exist. When it does spark, the result is a ton of thriving pets and happy pet parents, who feel completely relieved to have found such a great match for their needs and ideals.

Farmina pet food is no exception to this carefully curated process of ethical pet food accessibility. Farmina’s mission is to produce the best nutrient dense and natural food for both dogs and cats that is backed up by science. Their recipes are formulated in Italy, with the help of the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II. This collaboration inspired Farmina to set up their own research program, Farmina Vet Research, to keep up with the latest scientific and veterinary findings to help them formulate new foods. Each formula is certified GMO free and free of artificial preservatives. All of the protein sources used in Farmina pet food are also raised eating a non-GMO diet, free of antibiotics and hormones, and NO meals or by-products are ever used in their recipes.

Farmina’s scientific approach to pet food formulations goes beyond recruiting animal nutritionists to create the perfect food. They also back up their research with a cruelty-free guarantee, meaning no dogs or cats in labs are used in their feeding trials. The animals in their feeding trials remain with their families, living their usual lives with the only change in routine being what they are eating. This transparent respect for the animals involved in creating their food really spoke to our own store’s values when considering partnering with the brand.

If we had to describe Farmina, the brand, using three words they would be: Transparent, Progressive and Committed. We highly recommend taking a look at their website where you can even contact their team for nutritional support and find clear and open information about what makes their food production process so unique.

As of December, 2020 Farmina is also a member of our Loyalty Rewards Featured Partners — meaning you get 10% back in Loyalty Rewards every time you support this brand. For more tips and resources visit www.pupologie.com.