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Behind The Brand: Northwest Naturals

by Behind the Brand

In a world full of woe and worry, we strive to be the generators of knowledge, delight, and positivity in our little corner of the world. This begins with one conscious choice at a time, and for us starts with finding like-minded companies and products to fill our shelves and offer to the pet-guardians in our community. We keep a keen eye on pet industry trends and seek solutions to potential challenges so you can feel confident in the products you buy from us.

One brand we are so happy to have found is Northwest Naturals. When we first met this hardworking team, we couldn’t believe how many boxes they checked off for us in what we look for in a pet food. They are a family owned company that makes their food from start to finish in their own USDA  Human Grade facility in Portland, OR. According to the company, all of their meat is human grade and human edible, they use locally sourced produce, and use USA sourced proteins and veggies whenever available. They also have a HUGE range of products and protein sources that make rotational feeding a breeze.

Northwest Naturals is owned by the family run business Morasch Meats in Portland, OR. Morasch Meats has years under their belt in processing meats for restaurants and grocery stores, and founded Northwest Naturals to produce their very own brand of raw frozen pet food using the same sourcing and processing as their products they make for humans. To Northwest Naturals, providing biologically appropriate food to animals is just one piece of the puzzle — the other being the QUALITY of those foods.

The benefits of feeding your dogs and cats a raw diet are endless, including improved skin conditions, cleaner teeth, better digestion, and healthier joints — but when you go beyond the bare minimum standard of raw food and opt for raw food that is made from human-grade, Global Food Safety Initiative, Oregon Tilth, and USDA certified ingredients, made in a human-grade facility, you are effectively taking your pet’s nutrition to the next level and choosing ethical food production over the factory-farmed alternative.

Northwest Naturals offers a wide variety of frozen raw and freeze dried sizes, protein sources making it easy to find the right formula for your pets. This level of convenience is just one of the many reasons why we love offering this brand to our customers!

As of December, 2020 Northwest Naturals is also a member of our Loyalty Rewards Featured Partners — meaning you get 10% back in Loyalty Rewards every time you support this brand. For more tips and resources visit www.pupologie.com.