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Better Pet Parenting Starts Here
Better Pet Parenting Starts Here
Our Brand Standards

Our Brand Standards

What makes our brand selection different than that of typical pet supply retailers? Well, simply put, EVERYTHING! Pupologie exists to completely turn commercial pet food on its head. For about a century, the making of commercial pet food has been dominated by behemoth conglomerates seeking to increase their profits at the cost of animals’ health and vitality.

These conglomerates, with their global reach and enterprises across multiple industries, have  influenced everything about pet culture, while keeping the truth about their manufacturing practices and quality of their ingredients hidden away.

Pet families are unwittingly tricked into buying “foods” and “treats” for their beloved pets that actually contain toxic and harmful ingredients.

You will never see on our shelves:

  • Brands owned or connected to mass conglomerate corporations
  • Brands that make pet diets using low-grade, nutrition-lacking ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, or by-products
  • Brands that use carcinogenic preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA
  • Brands that use artificial flavors, colors or enhancers
  • Brands made in the same facilities and kitchens as any brands that do not meet our standards

What is on our shelves:

  • Pet food made using real, whole ingredients
  • Brands that are made in micro and small batches
  • Brands that use non-factory farmed meats
  • Brands that give you access to their sourcing information
  • Brands made in human grade facilities
  • Brands that source non-gmo, organic, certified humane, GAP rated, and small farm ingredients
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