Summer Must Have: Doc Mocs

Fresh out of the box, Dog Mocs have hit Pupologie shelves and they are the coolest new thing to launch in a very long time.  We love the fact that Dog Mocs were born out of necessity and offer a practical solution for dogs that need paw protection from the hot scorching pavement or rough terrain.  They also provide a solution for dogs and cats that have healing wounds on their paws, as well as act as a barrier from environmental allergens or toxins.

Dog Mocs are completely brand new to the market.  Founder, Mark Haines, told us that he spent about $200 on all the most popular types of dog shoes on the market hoping to find the right fit for his dog's needs.  He found that his dog was not comfortable wearing them and some of the styles were simply impractical to use.  When he decided to make dog shoes that worked for his dog and lifestyle, he was surprised how many people stopped him in the streets to ask him where they could get a set.  Just towards the end of last year, the company was born and he began selling the deerskin shoes in pet outlets throughout Colorado.  Pupologie is proud to be the very first store to offer these great paw protectors in California.

Here are the reasons we love them so much:

  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Made with deerskin leather, which is very soft, durable, and breathable.
  • Comfort - the material and design allows dogs to "feel" the ground beneath them.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Great for hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Long lasting and easy to care for.

You can check out a quick video featuring Dog Mocs and Nala below.