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Better Pet Parenting Starts Here
Better Pet Parenting Starts Here
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The Learning List

If you are tired of feeling insecure and unsure about what choices to make for your pet’s wellbeing, this list is for you.

When I was twenty-three years old, someone taught me how to read pet food labels.  At the start of the lesson, I was looking forward to learning something new that could help me on my journey of pet parenting.  By the end of the lesson, I was stunned and sick inside over the unthinkable things I learned.  The WRONG things that I learned. My naivety was instantly snatched up and I was forever changed. From there I set out to learn everything I could so that I would be able to make a difference.  Two years later I opened Pupologie and I have been helping pet families avoid the traps and navigate the toxic terrain ever since.

This is a compilation of the literature, videos, and links that have been most helpful to me in navigating the world of pet nutrition and the overlapping world of commercial pet food. Through these resources you will learn everything you need to know: the good, the bad, the despicable.




Pet Fooled

An in depth look at the commercial pet food industry, the total lack of oversight, and what nutritional requirements dogs and cats actually have.



Award winning film on dangerous chemical ingredients in everyday American consumer products. This is not a pet centric film, however our animals are more susceptible to the toxic effects of these chemicals in our living spaces because they lick to bathe themselves.


Subscribe This blog by Susan Thixton is an essential resource for all things related to pet food. Susan gives us the scoop from her very unique perspective as a petsumer advocate. She highlights the lack of enforcement of law in pet food by the FDA and State authorities and provides education so pet parents can find quality pet food. Here you can learn from the extensive library of Dr. Karen Becker’s in depth and thoughtfully explained educational videos about proactive and integrative health for your pets. There are also lots of helpful articles on popular topics throughout the site. Rodney Habib delivers important information in easy to digest, fun, and totally relatable content. Get DIY recipes, watch his inspirational TEDx Talk, and explore. Veterinarian Lisa A Pierson provides some very crucial and straight forward information regarding the needs of our feline friends and how to best nurture them.


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