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Kelp Dog Treats: Good For Dogs And The Environment

by Behind the Brand, Pet Nutrition

Kelp Dog Treats — Say hello to your dog’s new favorite snack!

The new Perfectly Plain Kelp Jerky by Earth Animal is nutrient dense, regenerative, and clean — making it a great functional treat option for your dog AND the environment.

Why Kelp?

Kelp is a naturally regenerative plant that can grow up to two feet per day without any soil, feeds, pesticides, fresh water, or fertilizer. Can you say sustainability super star?! Kelp is also considered a powerhouse of nutrition because it is naturally rich in a host of vitamins and antioxidants. Some of Kelp’s most notable nutrients include:

  • Chloride – An electrolyte responsible for osmotic pressure and acid-base balance
  • Iron – Maintains and supplies oxygen in the circulatory system
  • Manganese – Supports metabolism, healthy bones and cartilage, and energy production
  • Iodine – Great for thyroid maintenance/function
  • Potassium – Helps with nerve and muscle function
  • Calcium – Keeps bones and teeth strong
  • Magnesium – Helps with energy, muscle function, blood-glucose, and blood pressure

The kelp in Earth Animal’s recipe is thoughtfully and gently harvested off the coast of Maine by Atlantic Sea Farms. Atlantic Sea Farms is on a mission to diversify how coastal waters are used by providing an economic and environmental solution to concerns about healing our oceans while still allowing fishermen to work. While 98% of consumable seaweed in our country is imported, rehydrated, and dyed to keep its “green” appearance, kelp can be grown and harvested right here in our own oceans. This keeps things fresh, undried, and full of flavor!Earth Animal Kelp Jerky For Dogs

If you are looking for a nutrient dense, cruelty free, vegan friendly treat with an environmental impact, kelp dog treats may be just what you are looking for. Give Earth Animal’s new Perfectly Plain Kelp Jerky a try next time you’re in our store!

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