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Better Pet Parenting Starts Here
Better Pet Parenting Starts Here

Pet Relief Support Sessions

Do you have an itchy, scratchy, miserable pet?

We can help! Get into the driver’s seat of your pet’s unique health needs by booking a Pet Relief Support Session. We will help you zero in on the root of the issue and gain empowering insights and solutions. Through this process you will obtain resources and information to help you broaden your understanding of your pet’s individual experience.

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Your Pet Relief Support Session will include:

30 minutes of one-on-one Q & A and personal support navigating your pet sensitivity assessment results in-person or over the phone.

A list of suggested products and diet options tailored specifically for your pet's needs that will support their relief journey.

A custom resource package in an email with links and resources discussed in your session, plus easy + effective action steps you can take that will support your pet's relief journey.

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