Skullcap is widely renowned for its calming capabilities and can be used to support dogs and cats that are experiencing body tremors, spasms, and other nerve related upsets.


  • Takes off the nervous edge; does not sedate or affect physical dexterity.
  • Suitable in animals of all ages.
  • Made with certified organic herbs.
  • Alcohol-free
  • Used and recommended by veterinarians
  • A one ounce bottle with last up to 30 days for a 30 lb dog
  • A top seller since 1996!



   Active Ingredients:  Skullcap herb...............250mg.

   Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin USP,  distilled water.

DIRECTIONS:  Administer orally, 1-3 times daily.  For best results, squirt the recommended dose directly into your companion's mouth, at least one hour between meal times.  This will allow for maximum absorption without interference from food digestion.  


             Dogs under 30 lbs:   0.25-0.5ml

             Dogs over 30 lbs:     0.5-1.0ml

             Cats:                       0.25-0.5ml